martedì 20 ottobre 2009

An anonymous love letter...

This morning, I was set on the metro... Victoria line from Brixton to Oxford Street tube station, like almost every day. I just started my new lecture, who will keep me company for the next months on my tube and bus travels, around London: "Il buddah delle periferie" by Hanif Kureshi. It's in Italian...I should read in English, I know... but I had any "virgin book" at home this morning...and no enough time to go and borrow something from the library. So I opted for this one, which is, also, a gift from a good friend of mine. Anyway...sorry...that's not the point of my post...

I was set, next to the door, still sleepy and absorbed with my lecture...when I noticed next to mee, a guy, on his 30s... holding a piece of paper in his hand. His eyes were red and his face was completely covered by his long hair... I couldn't see much of his expression...

The piece of paper was fully written, by a very fancy hand-writing. It started with these words: "If you are reading this letter, it means that it's Tuesday the 20th of October. And it means that I won't be with you anymore..."

The long letter was going on for both sides... I couldn't read all, of course I couldn't...! But the few sentences I could spy, were such desperate and sincere words by a girl totally in love with a guy, that she had been obliged to leave, no one knows for which reason.

Looking through the lines, I could read how detailing she described the way how they were used to have breakfast together...and how she was going to miss all that, so much.

We arrived at Oxford Street tube station...I had to get off... I put aside my book (which I honestly didn't read much...). The guy dried his cheeks with his hand, put the letter back inside the envelope and hid it inside the pocket of his coat. He left the train behind me...ready to start another day.

It really seems like a déjà-vu to me.

Sorry guys, I thought it was the right post to re-open my blog again.

Keep on following me on MAZ! I'm back now. I swear you.


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