giovedì 27 dicembre 2007

An unusual Christmas day

Since here I can't update you with my news as much as I would like, I decided to write down only the events who has been more important for me till now, during this period.

For sure, I can really say to have had one of the more unusual Christmas day of my life. For the day of the 25th I was working wit hthe kids of Burji-Al-Shamali, which a muslim village and so they don't celebrate Christmas of course.
We had a view of the whole village, which really impressed me, since, till that moment, we hadn't any chance to get out of "home"...
It has been really marvelous, since we could be part of the everyday life of those people, entering (not so easily of course...) in their homes, and shooting the women who were keeping in hiding their beautiful faces.

It was so cute when one of the girl dressed up herseld like Santa Clause to wish us a Merry Christmas! So cute!! :)



P.S. Since apparently Blogspot is not fxing the uploading proble, please, have a look at my puics on:

mercoledì 26 dicembre 2007

One feet in Lebanon!

Ok...this evening internet seems to be nice with I'll try to write something more.

I let you narrating how we finally managed to crodd the border between Syrian and Lebanon. It took almost one hour to complete all the burocracy stuff...and, I understood thta in arabian countires, the important is paying! When you pay some extras, you'll be able to go everywhere.
When we arrived on the other side, we have been involved in a "tripping trip" with the Coran prayer as a soundtrack. We kept on driving for more than 1 hour and a half, without saying a single word. When we reached the meeting point we met Jack which came to pick us up and bring us to the hostel (relious staff again...arggg, double argggg!) where the others were waiting for us.
The dream was reality now: we were in Lebanon, in Beirut. And everything was looking so fantastic, everything was shining, like in Istanbuyl. It was almost impossible believing that such a modern and bright city was the cenario of a evil war.

After a few we met Ilaria, Alessia, Ali (a Lebanese friend which at the moment is hre with us in the camp) and Marinello in that place, and we decided to go eating something outside. We found a kind of left-wing pseudo-artistic club, where we drunk like animals and we eat in a wonderful way. After the whilw the atmosphere started to became "interesting" and we started dancing like crazy...arabian music of course! :) It's there where me and Elisa signed a pact with ourselves: we decided that we had to learn how to be real females emulating the arabians!! What a style...what a sensivitness! Really great!
In that place I also met the most beautiful guy I've ever seen! Believe me! I never seen such a deep and light blue eyes. Wow! Well...I think that who told me that Lebaneses are the typical arabian beauty for excellence...saied right! :P

Well...we came back "home" stisfied and happy to be have started this adventure with the best mood ever!

See u soon with the continue...


P.S. Blogsppt doesn't allow me anymote to upload photos...fuckkkk! It's frustrating, since my role here is "photoreporter"... I would like to share with u all my shots...but I can't. :( I hope they'll fix this problem soon...

lunedì 24 dicembre 2007

technical problems...

Hello guys, I'm really sorry, but today I'll have to skip the update of my trip. We had several technical problems during the day about the internet connection... that's why now we're really late with the job and I have no time to write about my stuff...

Tomorrow there will be the beginning of the laboratories with the guys...we're preatty excited! :)

I promise I'll write everything asap!


P.S. If you want to see the pics of the camp, please watch because I can't upload anything here at the moment... slow connection... :(

domenica 23 dicembre 2007

trip in progress...

Hi guys, here we go with the second part of my trip...
I let you that I was entered in Damascus, where I met Elisa and we spent the whole night, and finally, after almost 24 hours...sleeping like a baby!
The day after we want for a walk in the old city and in the street market. It was so lively, and so coloured! First thing we decided to do was starting getting closer and closer with the syrian cultureeating their tasty food! The first thing we try, really risking our stomaches, was a fruit juice (I've no idea which kind it was...but it was delicious!) and a banana milk shake! Slurp!!!
We continued with 2 biiiiig croissants filled with cheese and chocolate! Nothing to do with our croissants, of course! :)
We were feeling really observed from the people walking along the market, honestly...I guess it was because we were looking really like the perfect f****** tourists. I hope that we will be able to mix with local people in a few, to really feel at ease. The first step to understand a culture, in my opinion, is starting to think and to live like them. Even if...arabian women are really gorgeous! Even if they can't show their body, they know how to look like real females!
I still have no a clear idea abou the beauty of the arabian men...but somebody told me that LEbanese men are the most beautiful arabians in the world. So...I'm looking for! :)

Well...let's go on...
After this short trip around Damascus, we came back home and we collected our stuff ino rder to gewt to the airport and meet Saverio and Vito.
The meeting at the airport was really!! Now we were really all!! The project was going to start.
We bargain a lot to have a discount to get from there to Beirut, where the rest of the crew was waiting for us. We didn't like to idea to be treated as "normal turists" and paying such a high price... After a long long bargain, we had a discount, but not as much as we hoped. Nevermind... The darkness was coming and we really needed to reach Beirut.
We took the first taxi, in very funny conditions... but, after a while the driver told us that we should go to another car 'coz he had no permitions to pass the border. WHAT?!!!! WHAT THE F****...?! But, problem! Everything it's possible.. no problem (mufi musckida!) we just jump in the car of a friend of him along the highway! :)
After a long trip we got the border, and... thta's another story... :)
I'll go on with my trip in the next page... (if the electricity will be nice with me, of course!)


And now...the first shots...

Wow... it seems like I manage to create my first slide show presentation...
It's just to try, but... I hope u'll enjoy it! :)

sabato 22 dicembre 2007

First updating from Lebanon!

Hi guys! Here I am... in Tyro, in the south of Lebanon.
We arrived this morning, after an allucinating trip from Beirut.

Well, ok, guys...just a little bit of order...
I'll try to explain you my last 2 days in a chronological order:
First of all, I started my "trip" on Thursday morning, at 6:00, getting by train from Florence to Rome in order to fly to Damascus. My flight wasn't direct to Syria, and I had to stop for 8 hours in Istanbul, in order to catch the second flight and reaching my goal! :)
I thought that 8 hours were really too long to wait inside an I decided to have a walk for the city, and I took the metro to get to the the center.
It was really dark and cold, so I couldn't walk a long, but of course I went to visit the Blue Moskee and Santa Sofia.

After a while that I was walking and planning to eat one of the wonderful and fat typical turkish pastries, I was stopped from a Turkish guy, who invited me in his souvenir shop to have an apple tea. Wow...I was so was absolutely was I needed in that moment! So nice... thank you man! He also give me a present: a small Halla's eye made by glass. He told me it will bring me good luck. :) Let's cross the fingers!!

Then, when the time to come back to the airport was getting closer and closer, I started my opposite trip. It was around 20:45 and my flight was at 23:45, and I really had no idea of what to do... I was too tired to keep on reading the book by Terzani ..and if I had listed to music I was afraid to fall asleep and miss my flight... Damn'! A nightmare! the chance, the time passed quite fast, watching people and trying to guess the destinations of the other passengers. And...I boarded to Damascus' flight!!! Luckly I had the chance to spoke, during the flight, with a very nice woman who was working for a syrian NGO, and who was very interested in our project.

Well...I've to say that I found a lot, a lot, a lot of friendly people... I couldn't immagine such a deep hospitality. I can't count how many times I've heard the sentence: "you're welcome". Preatty amazing!

At the end, I reached Damascus, where I had to wait more than one hour to pass the passport controls, and going out.
The first thing that really surprised me was that Lebanes people smoke everywhere...but really everywhere! Also inside the airport and the offices! The paradise for the smokers!!

Well...a part from that...
When I went out I knew I had to catch a taxi and get to Bab Tuma (a dor to access the old city of Damascus)where Elisa would have been waiting for me.
I chose, of course, the most illegal taxi-driver I could find, who, at the beginning, had no idea of where the place was. The trip was short...but really exciting, considering the conditions of the street, (something unbelivable...really!)
But I was experiencing the real feeling of the trip...the very sensation of going along a straight way without anything on both the sides.
Exactly there, I met Elisa, who was waiting for me in a extremely live and noisy Damascus, where everybody was colling us by name and inviting us for a drink or to a party.

Well...for the moment I think it's enough. I'll tell you later how we met Saverio and Vito at the airport and how me reached Beirut and then Tiro.
I know, I'm a bit late in updating the news, since here in the refugee camp we have a very slow connection, and eventually the electricy stops. I'll do my best to keep you informed about this experience, don't worry! :)
I'll dowload the photos and I'll add them asap, because, believe me, here the landscapes are amazing!

Don't forget:


giovedì 13 dicembre 2007


Hi fox!
I'm so sorry, but I've never been so busy as this time!
Actually, it happened so many things , but I really really really hadn't time to write anything.

I think I never talked about the volunteer camp where I'll take aprt from the 20th of December, right?! Mmmmm... well...opsss...

By the way, I've to rush now, so, I'll quickly add the links necessary for you to understand at least a little bit something more about that.
I'm encharged of the press release...that's really exciting, but also very stressing...and expecially in this period, when I'm plnty of interviews and stuff like that, it's really a big effort for me...

Anyway...I also posted the links as permanent on the right coloumn, so you'll beOBLIGED to follow me and my happenings when I'll be there, as to say, in less than one week...
Oh, gosh!!

that's the blog we'll update from there: Volontari Sci Libano

and that's an address where will be on-line from the 13th to the 14th of this month, in order to present the project... Stay tuned!!

lunedì 3 dicembre 2007

What a woman!!

You will have to be positive shocked watching at this live performance by Kaki King!

Stay tuned!!

venerdì 30 novembre 2007

Remembering my last trip...

Hello everybody!
Boring day, guys... I spent all my day filling questionaires and CV... pffff... questions and question and questions about me, my interests, my ambitions... But what the hell you want from meeeeee?!!!
I decided to take a short brake just adding some pics of my last trip in MADRID! I went there last week, after 3 day of my thesis discussion, with my friend Irene, to party for the ends of my studies!!! Yuhhhù!
Actually... I really over-valuated Spain...I wasn't expecting beeing such a developped and active country!
Fuck...we (we=Italy) are really the WORST WORST European Country!!! Nooooo...also our blod-twin spanish went over us!! Gosh...
Well...I alway tought the italian people are regressing always more... but not so quickly...! There's really no chance for a young person (e.g. ME!!!!) to have a future in Italy. Not at all... there's not a good policy for young people, not helps for students, any increase for the culture or the research...
So sad...

By the way... that's the way it is. For the moment I'll keep on moving all around the world untill when I'll find a good reason for stopping somewhere. Just to inform you: for the moment I haven't found one yet! So...I'm a kind of work in progress-girl! :) Sound nice, doesn't it?!!!

About my trip in Madrid...well...what can I say?! That it was really what I needed after such a big period of stress due to my thesis and my private stuff...
Me and my friend have been host by a very nice spanish guy through the website Hospitaliy Club Paco, who was living with a also very friendly danish guy and an indian-english girl. Ah...right...and a lovely cat: Walter!
We really enjoyed our time there (the spanish movida!!!), and... I really took the enrgy I needed! ;)
Hope all the best for everybody there!
Those are some pics of the party where we have been invited! THANX GUYS! Without knowing anybody we spoke with almost all the people who were there!

And...about the city...well, of course wonderfull! We were lucky we found a good weather. Well...quite cold, but sunny.
We missed the Prado museum!! :( God damn'... But it was out mistake in reading the opening time in the guide. But, to "redeem" our culture, we went to Reina Sofia to see the Guernica! Such a cool museum!

Walking and walking around the quartiers...we finally decided that the "Malasana" was the part we enjoyed the most! It's a kind of the "alternite part" I guess...but the old and narrow street are relly enjoyable to discover.

Right, guys... sorry, I've to keep in updating my CV...or I'll stay without a job forever and ever.

Hope in the future I'll have more time to write, 'coz since when I've been back home i really hadn't time to breath!

mercoledì 28 novembre 2007

My plans...

Well, after a degree, evrybody will expect me to say what I planned to do after that... Well, the point is that at the moment I don't have a specific plan, or I should better say, I've to many plans, and I have to decide which one is better to follow...
Like usual, I feel like inside a vortex. I've this constant feeling of instability and restlessness which doesn't help me at all to find the right direction. I runned and runned for all my life, without never taking a break for myself, always running behind something but without understaing what it was; and, at the same time, feeling the time who was passing too fast, too fast for me.
I'm not normal, I know. But, actually, I've never told you I was. So, please, don't complain...
I chose to take a break for this year, trying to understan what I really want for my life. What I (as to say ME, MYSELF) want, not the others. Once in life I don't wanna give a shit of the others, or, at least, I wanna try, not to give a shit of the others, about my decisions. But it's not easy, according with my behave and my ethic. (Damn' me!!)
I've never had the chance to enjoy what I conquier, 'coz I alway felt that I had something better to reach...with the consequesnt I always felt restless and usatisfied. When I got's not funny anymore; but when I los I can only realize how better it was when I had it. I'm so idiot sometimes!! the moment, I've a big project, regarding a Country: Lebanon. But I won't talk about that before everyting will be 100% sure, I'm scaramantic! Since at the moment the politic situation there it's not one of the best, I prefer to wait before saying what I'm really planning to do.

See you soon, guys. (Hopefully with good news)

So... I got the B.A. Degree!!

Yes, that's true (once in life I'm serious), I finally got my B.A. degree the 20th of November, becoming a serious person, with the title of Doctor in Science of Communication. So, first tip, starting from now, pleae, do speak with me in a polite way; then, tip n°2, never contradict me; and, just to finish, respect me and never speak after me, I've the last word now,OK?!
My gosh... it's incredible how many BULLSHITS I can think in few seconds...!! :)
The only certain thing is that now I've a hole year in front of me that I want and I need t use as much as I can, before continuing my education... No one knows what's going to be...

N.B. a s you had notice, in the pictures it's me immediately after the discussion (Covered of flowers), and then, just half an hour later, already drunk in order to party for the event!! :) in progress...

martedì 27 novembre 2007

A little bit of order, please...

Hi everybody!
Yep, it's mee again: the lost-Martina.
Actually it's true, I've been very lost in the past days. I've been too stressed and too demotivated to upload my blog, that's a shame...sorry...but that's te truth...
I also decided to start writing in English again. It doesn't mean that I want to show you how smart I am writing in another language (N.B:nobody will NEVER doubt how smart I am, in general!! Ehmmm... mmmmmmhhhhh...well...), but the fact is that I don't like cheating anylonger about the goal of this blog. As to say...when I opened this blog I chose to do it in English in order to share my experiences with as many people as possible, trying to break any kind of language barrier. But, immediately after I was back in Italy, I lost any kind of curiosity and "input" to do this again. I kept on writing in italian for a long time... falling down in the "black whol" of the every(fuckin')day-life.
That's the way is...
But, now, I decided that I want to try again, I want to resist to the spleen of banality! I know that maybe sounds like stupid, but I still remember the positive mood I had once, and how curiose I was about life and about my surrounding... that's part of me, I don't wanna lose it!!'ll try to sum up shortly (in the following posts) the last happenings of my life, just to give you a brief idea of what has been my life in the last months...

lunedì 19 novembre 2007


L'ANZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZIA!!!! (Con la Z, perchè rende meglio l'idea!)

Da domani (anzi, dopodomani forse) torno a scrivere, lo giuro...

Ma, ora, non ce la faccio!


mercoledì 31 ottobre 2007

The world is burning!!

No, no... non ce l'ho ancora una volta col "global worming", non vi preoccupate. (Oddio... un po' preoccupatevi magari... insomma, fate un po' voi come vi viene meglio...!!)
E' solo che, continuando il post precedente e avvalorando la mia tesi sulla mia insonnia, ho continuato a girellare per internet e ho trovato la lunga serie su Youtube di "xxx is burning", dove le 3 X non indicano niente di pornografico, ma si sostituiscono ai vari nomi delle città. L'idea di questi video è veramente divertente, ed è stata ripresa (ahimè!) da dei video creati da Frangetta di Radio DJ. In questi filmati vengono infatti esaltati e ironizzati i cliché e i luoghi comuni di tutte le città d'Italia. Sul mio blog ho riportato solo i due video per me più significativi, ovvero il video di Siena e quello di Firenze; e devo dire che entrambi sono veramente comici e, nonostante i commenti polemici, molto molto veritieri! :)

O perché e 'un dormo mai?!

Sì, lo so... la qualità dei miei titoli sta scadendo notevolmente, e anche dei miei post devo dire. Se consideriamo che all'inizio scrivevo di temi di cultura in lingua inglese, e ora mi ritrovo a scrivere cazzate in fiorentino... devo ammettere che, beh... mi deludo già da me non importa che me lo facciate presente, grazie!

In realtà è che ultimamente tra scrivere la tesi e lavorare per la GoViral, la mia beneamata compagnia di Viral Marketing che mi consente di campare ogni mese e di affrontare le spese di noi piccoli e marci studenti universitari, non faccio altro che stare col volto incollato allo schermo del pc, e il cervello si è ormai ridotto alla dimensione di una pallina di zucchero...

In realtà ultimamente un po' di cose interessanti ne ho fatte, ma vi giuro che dopo che passo una giornata intera davanti al computer, non ho molta voglia di farlo anche la sera per aggiornare il mio blog. Abbiate pazienza, ma è la dura realtà. Io non sono un'amante della rete, benché, sopratutto per lavoro, ci passi la maggior parte del mio tempo... Piuttosto leggo un libro... chi lo direbbe mai?! La lettura che sto facendo al momento è La società dell'incertezza di Bauman: un grande saggio sulla crisi dei valori della nostra società, in particolare legata alla figura dello straniero. (Rassicurante come lettura serale, eh?!)

Poi, ma... che ho fatto?! Ah, già... ormai non posso più consigliarvelo, perché è tardi (sorry!), ma lo spettacolo che Pippo Delbono ha presentato alla Pergola di Firenze - Urlo - è stato veramente grandioso. Sul palco è stato rappresentato un ottimo ritaglio dei controsensi e dei logorii della nostra società. Veramente incazzata (e incazzosa direi)l'interpretazione che Delbono ha fatto dell'estratto di Urlo di Allen Ginsberg.

Poi, poi, poi...
sì, già... un'altra cosa da vedere (o da scaricare con E-mule) è Io non sono qui di Todd Haynes, vincitore del Premio speciale della Giuria al 64° Festival del cinema di Venezia. Sarà che questo film l'ho visto nel "cinemino di no'attri" a Castello, sarà che le regie allucinanti e allucinate di Haynes mi hanno sempre fatto piacere... ma la figura di Bob Dylan rappresentata attraverso questa molteplicità di personaggi è stata, secondo il mio modesto parere, una scelta più che azzeccata. Anche un modo come un altro per smetterla di banalizzare un personaggio come Bob Dylan.

Bene, dai... vi saluto per ora... continuerò a girellare per la rete regalandovi altri momenti di saggezza. tanto per stanotte l'insonnia è assicurata...

martedì 25 settembre 2007

Il nostro caro sistema universitario...

Buonasera a tutti,
vengo ora da un po' di sano "zapping" per la rete, che ultimamente si fa sempre più frequente devo dire... Girellando tra i vari siti sono incappata (tanto per cambiare) nel sito dell'Università di Siena, la mia "cara" università e di molti altri studenti. Una cosa che ha attirato la mia attenzione all'interno del sito non è, devo dire,un fatto molto rassicurante,ma è, più che altro, una cosa assolutamente vergognosa. Apparentemente il nostro beneamato Ateneo offre contratti di docenza (chiaramente questo si sa, soldi per la Ricerca per ora non ve ne sono...) a condizioni di volontariato. E la cosa più agghiacciante è che chiaramente noi studenti non ne sappiamo nulla! Ma io mi domando...le quasi 2.000€ di tasse che paghiamo ogni anno, dove vanno a finire se non nelle tasche dei docenti che ci insegnano?!
So che magari risulterà un po' palloso, ma dato un'occhiata a questo documento che ho attaccato qua sotto, che non è altro se non un estratto di un bando di selezione per docenti a contratto.

"Il Consiglio di Facoltà determinerà i compensi per i suddetti incarichi nei limiti degli stanziamenti di bilancio a tale scopo assegnati, per l'a.a. 2007/2008.
La Facoltà, con successiva delibera, può prevedere l'eventuale possibilità di retribuire corsi il cui bando è stato emesso a titolo gratuito, determinando quali siano a carico dei fondi di bilancio o dei fondi derivanti da finanziamenti esterni.
Nel caso di intervenuta successiva indisponibilità dei fondi, da qualunque ragione essa sia motivata, l'incarico si intende svolto a titolo gratuito: nella domanda di partecipazione alla selezione i candidati dovranno espressamente dichiarare la propria disponibilità in tal senso, senza la quale la domanda non sarà ammessa a valutazione.
In caso di mancato svolgimento, o anche di svolgimento solo parziale, o comunque non portato a compimento, non sarà possibile procedere alla liquidazione, neanche proporzionale, del compenso previsto"

P.S. questi documenti sono tutti disponibili presso il sito dell'Università di Siena e sono consultabili pubblicamente. E'solo che spesso non lo facciamo per fatica o negligenza (io inclusa ovviamente!)
P.P.S. e' anche chiaro che non sto cercando di boicottare in nessun modo l'Università di Siena (ci mancherebbe...e chi me la da' la laurea poi, Cesare ragazzi?!!!)ma sto solo cercando di fare azioni informative che, in realtà, dovrebbero essere fatte da altre persone e ad un livello un po' più ampi di un semplice blog personale...

La ballata del lavavtero

So che generalmente certe cose andrebbero scritte prima che accadano, anzichè dopo essere accadute. Il fatto è che "La ballata del lavavetro" - atto unico contro le ipocrisie del potere, è un testo teatrale che è stato scritto da Domenico Guarino - voce di Controradio, e tratta, in modo molto ironico, l'esosa polemica che si è creata in queste ultime settimane a Firenze sulla questione dei lavavetri. Il testo è stato messo in scena (se così si può dire) sabato 22 Settembre in piazza della Signoria a Firenze al termine della manifestazione che ha sfilato per il centro, (con cori più o meno leciti e più o meno condivisibili, devo essere sincera...)
E' stata una cosa molto divertente devo dire la verità...eccetto per le barricate di cellerini che erano state spianate davanti a Palazzo Vecchio... Sia mai chequalcuno muovesse un dito contro i rappresentanti del potere. Il testo è stato messo in scena con la regia di Saverio Tommasi, e con la partecipazione mia, di Chiara Brilli e Miriam Lepore - altre 2 voci controraddine...- Riccardo Lestini, Valentina Mazzoni, Maurizio Calonacci e Camilla Santi.
Un esperimento molto divertente, devo dire... quanto all'utilità, beh...diciamo pure che dialogare contro i muri non è mai riuscito bene a nessuno... ma la speranza è l'ultima a morire...

mercoledì 19 settembre 2007

Profonda delusione e amarezza...

E' proprio vero che qua, ormai, non si fa più niente per niente...
Alla conclusione di un'iniziativa veramente interessante come il V-day (evento verso il quale mi ero sempre dimostrata entusiasta e favorevole, intendendolo, chiaramente come un qualcosa che avrebbe messo un po' di pepe nella nostra politica un po' acquattata...), subito si sente parlare di unioni anti-partitiche, liste civiche, ecc... EH NO...CAZZO, EH NO!
Ma è possibile che, già frammentati come siamo al momento, ci sia bisogno di creare qualcos'altro che ci porti a suddividerci sempre di più?!
Non è ammazzando i partiti che si fa la politica.
Non è creando le liste civiche che riusciremo a risollevare le sorti del nostro Paese.
E' però vero che è aizzando le masse e gridando più forte degli altri che ci si guadagna il consenso popolare.
E' facile proporre idee quando non si ha a che fare con i meccanismi cavillosi della politica.
E' facile dire che il Governo non sta facendo niente quando per far approvare le leggi ha bisogno della maggioranza, e sappiamo tutti che sono solamente un pugno di voti che creano questa "maggioranza".
E non è un caso che il Signor Grillo abbia proposto le liste civiche, tenendosene al di fuori. (E nel dire questo mi mordo veramente la lingua perchè io sono sempre stata una grande sostenitrice di Beppe Grillo, seguendolo sopratutto sulla questione inceneritore e sui fatti questa volta, come si suol dire, ha proprio pisciato fuori dal vaso!!)
Non a caso le liste civiche avranno la certificazione di trasparenza "" e tra i requisiti fondamentali per farvi parte non bisognerà far parte di partiti politici. Ma Grillo, OVVIAMENTE, non c'entrerà niente...lui non vuol far politica...
Oltre a criticare, bisogna proporre...vorrei ricordarlo!
Bene, ora siamo tutti in attesa di queste proposte, e spero che da questo momento di caos venga qualcosa di buono, così da dovermi mordere la lingua un'altra volta.
Non è cancellando la storia che si forma il futuro. E la creazione del futuro non dev'essere necessariamente un processo facile...
Ma non ne avevamo abbastanza di gente che critica in questo "mondo di sinistra". A me sembra molto che a tutti piaccia dir la loro, ma, al momento in cui è opportuno stringere sui fatti, tutti si dileguano...
Mi sono cordialmente rotta il xxxxx degli intellettuali di sinistra, come mi sono rotta il xxxxx dei riottosi marxisti eternamente insoddisfatti della società.
Sento odore di dejà-vu...
...e spero proprio di sbagliarmi.

giovedì 13 settembre 2007

Ehmmm...forse, ma proprio forse...c'è qualcosa che non va in Italia...

Questo post (sfogo mattutino, abbiate pazienza, ma ho fatto Sesto-Novoli in bici e ho plurimamente rischiato la vita!) è scritto interamente in italiano per rendere con termini più appropriati il disgusto, e l'indignazione che provo in questo momento nei confronti della nostra amabile società, e della logica (quale logica?! Il-logica, semmai...) che la manda avanti...

Cliccando qui aprirete un link che vi indirizzerà all'articolo di Repubblica relativo ai brogli che sono stati fatti durante i test di ammissione a medicina.
La cosa che mi sconvolge ( realtà, non mi sconvolge affatto, ma mi fa solo incazzare da morire!) è la reazione di chi è stato scoperto, che, al posto di chiedere scusa vergognandosi da morire, ed andare a vivere come un eremita in mezzo ai monti coltivando rape rosse; continua a dichiararsi innocente e si nasconde dietro l'affermazione che questo è un comportamento che tengono tutti dato che viviamo in un Paese di Furbi, e che quindi la legalità e la meritocrazia non esistono più.

Dunque, giovani d'oggi, mi raccomando, mi rivolgo a voi (e anche a quelli della mia generazione perché tutto sommato tanto vecchia non sono...), che vi serva di lezione: RUBATE, RUBATE E RUBATE! Altrimenti troverete sempre chi ruberà qualcosa a voi!


giovedì 23 agosto 2007

The Danish sky...

Sorry... only personal thoughts while I'm still waking up...opening my eyes, making my cooffee, brushing my theet, punching my face...
First feeling of danish sky, comlpitely white and statics.
Only the soft noise of the rain, and the noise of the few cars running on a saocked road.
The smell and the noise of this sky is something of terrificly melancholic... not sad, but melancholic.
Reminds of the sundaies mornings when I was ten: I wake up and go ling down on the sofa, watching cartoons.
I would like going in the big bed of my parents watching TV: it's like an old souvenir.
I feel link it's winter. I wear my dressing-gown to go to the kitchen and make my goodmorning-cooffe. I watch over the windown and the danish sky is still following me. .. "Isn't it tired to do that?!" - I think.
I would like drinking hot milk and eating bread with honey... damn'...too winter feelings... It's a fight: I take some grapes and some cold milk followed by an espresso. Winter is not already enter in my kitchen this morning, please.
The danish sky, danish toughts, danish atmosphere... this morning is like that...

giovedì 16 agosto 2007

The Surveillance Society (not necessary by David Lyon...)

Hi guys,
just a small tip, while searching for "stuff" for my thesis. Searching and searching for the net, I found this very interesting blog of Mikkel Holm Sørensen: a Phd at the IT University of Copenhagen, also taking part in the DELCA project and the ethical community Actics.
I knew (not by person of course)Mikkel Holm Sørensen when I was studying at KUA in Copenhagen, so my aptention has been catched from his very interesting blog Big Mother
I won't spend more words about it , but please have a look at that, escpecially if you are interested in counter actions, surveillance society and ethic forms of life.

lunedì 6 agosto 2007

Teatro di Nascosto

E per l'ennesima volta sto scrivendo un post in ritardo di un paio di settimane...non male direi. Vi parlerò, utilizzando chiaramente la lingua di Babele che caratterizza il mio blog, che spazia con una facilità estrema dall'inglese, all'italiano, al francese, e chi più ne ha più ne metta... (Che bella virtù che è la coerenza...)di un bellissimo progetto a cui ho preso parte dal 23 al 28 di Luglio, a Volterra, all'interno del festival Volterrateatro.
Il Laboratorio a cui ho preso parte era tenuto dalla compagnia teatrale Teatro di Nascosto, diretto da Gianni Calastrie da Annet Henneman, con la collaborazione di Ana Wolf, ed ha portato alla messa in scena di uno studio finale, intitolato Città in guerra. Vi metto qua al lato il link del progetto, così potrete darci un'occhiata direttamente dalla fonte, senza troppi passaggi di mani.
Il teatro di Nascosto è una compagnia teatrale di Volterra, con un grande scopo, quello di fare Teatro Reportage, ovvero di portare sul palco storie vere, raccolte da loro stessi, in scena di guerra, di distruzione e di sofferenza. Per far sì che Arte e Giornalismo, e nella fattispecie giornalismo sociale, non siano scollegati e non vivano come entità separate. Per sfatare il mito dell'artista disimpegnato, e dell'estraneità del mondo dell'arte nella drammaticità della vita vera. Perchè non esistono tante tipologie di teatro più o meno "buono": teatro-sociale, teatro-realtà, teatro-terapia... Il teatro è sempre e comunque una terapia per gli animi umani, che vogliono conoscere il sociale attraverso degli occhi meno corrotti dal denaro e dallo scintillìo del gossip. Non so se vi sembrerà strano sapere che anche l'Arte lotta per la verità dell'informazione e per l'obiettività dei fatti, senza le quali, neanche l'Arte stessa riuscirà a sopravvivere.

Voices telling…
the pain, the silent scream
Of the ones dying in this moment
in a war we know about
or the one we never heard of
Of the ones hanged for ‘crimes’ they committed
or the ones they never did
Of the ones who are eking out for living
and find themselves without forces
dying abandoned
in the middle of a dry earth
in the middle of nowhere
Of the ones losing their children, family
in wars and bomb explosions
the innocent victims who no one counts
Of the ones who want to scream
to let us know the injustice they live
in many parts of the world
without hope to be listened
Of the ones who feel alone and deserted
in the sate of despair
Of the ones who are ill
knowing that they will die
because born in the wrong part of the world
where the most essential medicines are missing
Of the ones jailed without justice
who are tortured and mistreated
the ones escaping to try to find a better world
a better future
in dangerous situations, dilapidated boats
dependent on smugglers
to whom life of others has no value

Of the ones arriving here
in great solitude
without any right

Teatro di Nascosto

mercoledì 11 luglio 2007

Pensieri in libertà (vigilata!)

...che dire... sono le ore 2:32, ma io sono sempre sveglia a lavorare... (e meno male che ho l'ultimo esame tra una settimana...evvai!!) Ribadisco il concetto: vi prego, SPARATEMI!!!
Sto ancora lavorando per una campagna francese della Goodyear, da oggi pomeriggio alle 14:30... panico" (a teatro: l'uomo senza cappello, portava sempre un cappello in testa!)- Cazzo, no, scusate...questa è una citazione buttata lì... ma dopo 12 ore davanti ad un pc capitemi, vi prego, capitemi... Anzi, sparatemi!
In realtà, per chi non lo sapesse, questa campagna su cui sto lavorando ("seedando" è il termine tecnico corretto, pardon... che, detto tra noi altri, altro non è che una disgustosa forma di spam informatico...) è eredita del lavoro che facevo quando ero beata in Erasmus a Copenhagen, e che ho deciso di continuare anche qua in Italia, per ragioni sostanzialmente etiche e morali (quali la paga minima danese di circa 3 volte quella italiana...)
L'azienda per cui lavoro - Goviral - è piuttosto quotata nel mercato dell'advertising europeo, ed il tipo di lavoro è anche interessante...non fosse di una noia mortale!! (Almeno secondo il mio punto di vista da letteraria sconlusionata, s'intende!)
Sto facendo le ore piccole in realtà solo perchè mi sono messa in testa di finire questo lavoro per stanotte - anche se a questo punto farei meglio a dire per domattina... - così domani potrò iniziare a studiare seriamente. (PANICO, RIPANICO, STRAPANICO...!)
Beh, oh, basta lamentarsi eh!! Ultimamente ci si piange un po' troppo a dosso da queste parti...

Ad essere sincera mi sta cascando la testa sulla tastiera...e non è bello tutto ciò, soprattutto considerando il fatto che il lavoro non è ancora finito e che domani non posso permettermi di perdere altro tempo.

Ma che me ne frega?!! Dopo tutto questo è tutto UN GRANDE BLUFF!!!!

Wow...puf,puf...che sollievo... per un attimo ho creduto che questa che vi sto raccontando fosse la mia vita vera.

E come dice sempre Mike Bongiorno (o il mio amico Marco)... ALLEGRIA!!!

'Notte (a chi potrà dormire...)

lunedì 9 luglio 2007

L'insostenibile leggerezza dell'essere...

No...non voglio parlare del libro di Kundera (per quanto sia un gran capolavoro della letteratura di fine '900, a parer mio); vorrei semplicemente esprimere ed esternare la mia gioia nell'annunciare che oggi ho dato il mio penultimo che vuol dire (in gergo tombolesco e di paese) che STO PER UNO!!!!!!! EVVAIIIIII!
Sì, lo so che non scrivendo da oltre un mese sarei legitimata a ripresentarmi sul mio blog solo se trattassi tematiche di interesse generale e di alta valenza culturale, come: la fine del mondo, il global warming, il crollo del muro di Berlino, o come dimagrire in 7 giorni... Ma, avendo avuto una assai limitata vita sociale dal mio ritorno in Erasmus ad oggi (per cause varie, come il troppo studio, la depressione post-Erasmus, la depressione post:"cazzo torno a vivere coi miei dopo 3 anni...", ecc...ecc...), diciamo che mi sento più che realizzata semplicemente nel parlare di questo!
Martedì prossimo darò l'ultimo non dico niente...non vorrei tirarmi merda da sola! Vi dico solo che è un'esame brutto, brutto, brutto... E che ora come ora non ho una grande forza mentale per affrontarlo. Ma non importa...alla meta ci siamo quasi, ed è questo ciò che conta. (Come sono saggia, de'...)
Ci sono momenti in cui dici: NO...NON CE LA POSSO FARE... dopo che ti sembra di aver dato tutto...ti accorgi che devi fare ancora di più, e ancora di più...e che i tuoi sforzi non bastano mai. L'importante è contornarsi di persone fidate...che ti diano una mano e che capiscano che i tuoi giramenti di palle e i tuoi sbalzi di umore non sono dati dal non apprezzare il tempo speso con sono assolutamente staccati dalla situazione momentanea. Sì, vabbhè discorso è contorto, me ne rendo conto... ma dopo 3 settimane che studio leggi e decreti, vi prego di comprendere la mia difficoltà nel formulare un discorso di senso compiuto e con una minima forma letteraria... Sigh! (E io che amo tanto scrivere...)

Devo ammettere che la sensazione che sto provando adesso (universitariamente parlando) non è tra le più piacevoli... E' brutto impegnarsi per 3 anni per poi arrivare alla fine e cercare di "arraffare" voti nel minor tempo possibile con lo scopo di andarsene...levandosi dagli occhi questa caotica situazione in cui ci si è ritrovati (o meglio, in cui mi sono volontariamente infilata).
Devo ammettere che è anche strano come tutti si preoccupino per gli studenti Erasmus facendoli sentire a proprio agio nel Paese ospitante per prevenire una ipotetica depressione dovuta ad uno chock culturale dato dal vivere in un altro Paese... Ma perchè diavolo nessuno tiene conto della depressione Post-Erasmus...per ritrovarsi in un contesto culturale ASSOLUTAMENTE UGUALE E STATICO rispetto a quello che si era tentato di lasciarci alle spalle!!!! LE IDIOZIE DELLA VITA...

Buonanotte cari, e scusate lo sfogo.

martedì 29 maggio 2007

S.O.S. - Freedom of speach...

This morning, looking throught internet, and trying to find my own point of view about an explotion of bullshits I found surfing on it... my attention was catched by this poltical event: the decision of the political leader of Venezuela Hugo Chavez, to close the TV channel Rctv, because it was considered "too against the government".
I'm not giving my point of view about the ethic of the channel... I've never seen any program broadcasted by Rctv, so I can't have an objective point of view. But I can condamn this choice because the freedom of speach should be the first right of evrybody. But unfortunately it's not! It's not respected at all! Everyone has the right to access as much information as possible. I know, it's not easy broadcasting a real objective information, without expressing a point of view...but it's a right and a duty of the audience to take their own decision about the morality of the information received. People have to decide wich information they want to consider "right" and wich to consider"wrong", and in order to do this they have to choice between different items, different voices, fifferent opinions. It's the same difference existing between a posh supermarket and a discount supermarket: in the first case you walk through loads of shelves, takinf time in order to decide what you really want to eat for dinner... perhaps you want something ealthy and good... but you can also deide to have a fuckin' junky burger just because you need to vent the frustration of a work day against the food...
Instead, if you go in a discount store, you know which brand of coffee, or biscuits, or whatever you'll find there...but you don't exitate... you just go there because you have no time to look need something quickly, not necessariy very good-tasting, but easy to find and to bring have time to think about. (Sorry...I guess only now that this can sound like abullshit! But please, try to understand me... it's 2 in the night, and yesterday I only slept 3 hours because I was in Livorno to see a tribute concert to Jeff Buckley. I think I'm justified for today! :-P )
Stopping a voice is the easiest, but the worst, choice that every single person or every Governmet (even worst!)can take.

If you don't know much about it (and if you can read italian, of course...) have a look at this link:

domenica 13 maggio 2007


Capitano i momenti in cui ognuno ha bisogno di far ordine nella propria testa...
Ecco...oggi era uno di quelli:

A volte le persone attorno a te cercano di darti dei consigli…”tutte stronzate” – ovviamente- nella tua testa. Basta però un pomeriggio di insuccessi totali, per maturare determinate conclusioni, che, guarda caso, scopri essere esattamente le stesse che avevi rifiutato solo perché dette da altri.
Io non imparerò mai: lo so… sono troppo testarda… sono tremenda.
Ma se qualcuno, passando dal mio blog, trovasse queste mie riflessioni veritiere (o enormi idiozie…accetto critiche!) è pregato di farmi un fischio, grazie.


Well...I'll try to translate this huge mass of bullshits I wrote above! :P
It's just some thoughts I did this afternoon, trying to realizing what was wrong in me and in my attitude towards life. Sometimes we don't accept the suggestions made by others just because it's someone else who theorized that...but, if you stop and think just a bit, u'll realize that those suggestions were not so wrong...

That's a kind of "instructions book" I planned, thinking about my life in the last month. It's nothing special, but I guess that also somebody else could find something right wrote here (or something wrong, of course!) and I'd have pleasure to ask your point of view about that...
(I hope the translation won't be too invented...!)


mercoledì 9 maggio 2007


Hello everybody,
I'd like to inform you about a very interesting event who's going to be set in Florence : The 4th edition of "Digiarte" - festival dedicated to art, technology and in particular this year, to photography.
"Digiarte" has always proposed very interesting topics, but this year the conferences and the expositions will deal with the "portrait and the photography in the videoart".
That's the link (in italian) where you'll be able to check the programme:

The special event will be the show about Second Life, where Digiarte 2007 is hosted by the virtaul island on Second Life itself.
Her you can see the programme:

More updatings are coming soon...

giovedì 3 maggio 2007

We love complaining!!

Hi guys, I'm so sorry I didn't post anything since weeks...
The point is that I'm back in Italy now (yes...sad, but true!), and my life radically more erasmus parties, but a lot of deadlines to follow, formalities to respect, etc, etc... C'est la vie!

I'd like to make a comment about a fact that's catching media's attention since a couple of days. It happened during the big concert in Rome for the 1st of May... when the guy who was encharged to conduce the concert had the not so brilliant idea to make a joke about our lovely-Pope... Well,,I've to admit that the comment he made wasn't so brilliant... but the thing who astonished me is the publicity that now he's having due to that fact! From this point of view I can only make my compliments to Andrea Rivera for his smartness.
The most riciculous part of the whole story is the great great attention that the italian media are addressing to the event and to the guy itself.
The point is that basically we love to complain about everything... AND WE ARE ALWAYS MORE RIDICOLOUS! That's nice.........

venerdì 6 aprile 2007

Campaign pro-lacity launched by a florentine radio

Hey there!
I'll attach here a document found on the site of a florentine radio called Controradio. They're very popular in Florence and in the whole Tuscany, since they try to make a kind of counter-alternative information, dealing with topics of social and political interest.
The document is of course in italian, but I'll try to make a kind of sum up afterwards...

I decided to write this here since this document talk about Laicity: a very hot topic in argument that people don't like to discuss about, but that should be better if sometimes they have done it instead of complaining without doing nothing to make an effective change in our society...

Controradio lancia la campagna "UNO STRACCIO DI LAICITà". Lanciata quasi per gioco dai microfoni di Controradio, la campagna ha subito dilagato. Questa mattina abbiamo cominciato scherzando con i nostri ascoltatori: mettiamo uno straccetto colorato alle nostre borse, alle auto, agli scooter, alle finestre, uno straccetto per dichiarare pubblicamente la nostra voglia di laicità e la nostra contrarietà alle pesanti e quotidiane ingerenze del Vaticano nella vita politica italiana. E scegliete voi il colore. Gli ascoltatori hanno scelto: rosa scuro (porpora?).
Un microfono aperto lanciato quasi per gioco si è trasformato subito in un diluvio di telefonate per testimoniare la voglia di laicità. Da questa mattina a Controradio (via del Rosso Fiorentino 2b, 50142 Firenze) sono disponibili straccetti per tutti. E sono già decine gli ascoltatori che sono passati a ritirarlo. Coloriamo la città, come già è accaduto a Firenze, con le bandiere della pace e gli straccetti bianchi di Emergency. Oltre alle telefonate continue stiamo ricevendo anche proposte - da parte di edicolanti, commercianti, benzinai - di essere punto di distribuzione degli straccetti. Siamo tutti divorziati (e aspettiamo la comunione), siamo tutti conviventi, siamo tutti gay, siamo tutti credenti e tutti laici. Ma vogliamo che lo stato sia laico. Contro lo scontro di civiltà. Contro la campagna vaticana martellante, pesante e volgare, giorno dopo giorno che iddio mette in terra. A questa volontà scientifica di provocazione, laici e credenti (uniti nella lotta) rispondono in maniera pacifica, brillante, simpatica, e non violenta.

So... the campaign exposed in the document has been launched as a joke by this radio and it has been made in order to support the right of being a lay State. From the radio's microphones they suggested to the listeners to put a small piece of purple fabric where they would prefer (on the bag, on the scooter, inside the car, on the wrist...) to declare the own claim for laicity and to yell against the constant intromission of the Vatican in the italian politics.
As it was for the Social Forum when Florence was all colored by the "Peace flags", let's try to do the same now with those purple stripes and claim our wish, our need of laicity!

I'll briefly try to translate here just the last sentences of the document, since I found them very beautiful:
...We are all divorced (and we're waiting for the communion), we're all partners, we're all gays. But we want that our State as a lay State. Against the civilian fight. Against the dull, bothering and vulgar Vatican campaign. (...) At this scientific wish of provocation both lay people and believers (togehter in the fight) answer in a pacific, brilliant, funny and not violent way.

...followed by Stockholm

Well...without words. Stockholm is such a brillian amazing city! Trust's first of all, very romantic...entirely made by islands; then it's very active and full of life. In every corner there's something to discover, and the different parts of the city are also very different by the others. Of course it's possible to find any kind of place according to the tastes of everyone (also to the very tourists...of eh!)
If u want to have a panoramic view of the city it's enough going on th top of some hills and being fashinated watching down.
Two days (as to say the time that I spent there) are really nothing to visit Stockholm... but if u've the chance to have a nice guide as Anders (my couchsurfer) has been with me, u'll discover the main interesting points of the city sooner! :)

And about the feelings related with the city...I don't know... i've been there too short to give my real poit of view... But my first impression has been of a very active city...not kind of slow as Copenhagen for example (that's still beautiful, not misunderstand me,please!).
And...the last but not the least, Swedish people, finally, CROSS THE STREET WITH THE RED LIGHTCROSS!! Thank you guys!! Eh eh! :D

A short trip in the middle of Scandinavia... Helsinki first...

Hey men, hey dudes...
sorry to everybody (to whom,then?! How many people could ever read my blog?! 2-3... whenever...!, I didn't upload anything for a life...
I'll try to solve my debts now...

Well,,I just came back from an amazing short (very)Scandinavian trip. I'v been in Helsinki (to meet my lovely ex-flatmate Manza, alias Fab) and then to Stockholm. I travelled 6 days in all - if I also count the wonderfull 10 hours by bus from Stockholm to Copenhagen...lovely...! -

Anyway...what can I say?! Helsinki from the poit of view of the city is not wonderful...but it's just according to personal tastes I guess... It's a post-industrial the downtown is mainly new-bulided, with loads of shopping-centers and bran new buildings.
But from the naturalistic point of view it's something amazing... really I can't describ it with words...and also the pics I took are so distant from the truth... So, the only chance u have to understand is to come and see! :)
I don't wanna be too long...but we went to this island calles Suomenlina which is a UNESCO property. Basically...that's "nothing special" there...but it's exactly this which makes of Suomenlina an incredible place. The nature is absolutely wild...and the human intervation is still not so strong.
Another wonderful island is called the Squirrels island, and we went there to make a pic-nic and playing frisbee. That's anothere mazing place...where the light was so bright and white that was hard to keep on walking without th sun glasses. (And that's a kind of paradox if u think that in some points ofth island there was still the ice or the snow...)
We went there in a too cozy cafè there which used to be a house for fishermen and which is now runned by a family. That's the kind of place where the coffe, even if it's just coffe, has got a different taste... and from where u can stay there watching the iced-sea and thinking about...nothing...?!

I don't know...I really would like to write more (that's my problem...if I start writing I hardly stop soon...! Opssss!), but maybe it's better if I'll stop here and I'll keep on talking briefly about the wonderful Stockholm in the next page!

lunedì 19 marzo 2007

Ever heard about a cultur-jamming advertising Company?!

Here you go: BLF - Billboard Liberation Front!
It's an advertising company which, for the first time, is dedicated to advertise the real part of the products, being one of the originators of culture jamming, by clearly reclaiming public space.
BLF is not an utopian Agency - they're really active in many places in the States, expecially in San Francisco area.
One of their last campaign has been created against Mc Donald's during the celebration for the 50 years...
Or another one has been called "Bus stop Art installation".
This is not a way of doing counter-culture only by protesting and opposing the ideas of the Multi-Nationals... that's a real alternative medium to advertize the product simply beeing honests.
You can anyway find more material here:

They also sorted out the BLF Manifesto. It's really interesting...please, have a'll find it anyway in their website.

Eh,'s very strange I think that's me, posting a picture like the one on the top, since I study and I work in the field of Media Communication...
But it's common not to be satisfied of what we do and of what we are... ;)

venerdì 9 marzo 2007 the way...'s not dedicated to someone in particular... it's just...a generic one...

The market of the qualities

No, don't worry...I'm not trying to make any kind of obscure-campaign to a very cheap and good supermarket...and, most imporant thing...I'm not receiveing any money for it! I just would like to show you a very interestinf exhibition I had the chance to see inside the Design Museum of Copenhagen. It was the reproduction of a real supermarket - so you could even buy something if you wanted - that was selling only very rare products, like... Tollerance, Good Vibes, Commercial Free Space, Clean air...
Well,a lot of useful goods I would say... unfortunately nobody really cares about it...


Anyway travelling through Holland is not that easy...
And here we can have the immagines of what happened to the 2 wild cousins during the trip... you can see the results after one full day in Amsterdam...compared wit hour lovely faces when we were just arrived at the airport...!

Holland rule!!

Sorry for my absence guys (well,,I think that nobody ceared, but it's always nice to write...)but I was travelling in Holland the last 5 days.
Holland, what a nice country... much more easy-going and easy to live than Denmark, for sure.
I hadn't time to visit every city indeep, but I visited DenHaag, amsterdam Rotterdam and Utrecht. Not bad to be the first time, isn't it?!
What has really astonished me was the vitality of people, and the funny mess in the streets... something that you wouldn't wait from a north European Country.
The weather has also been quite kind with us (ah, right...I was travelling with my cousin Riccardo), except for the day when we went in Amstrdam...where the rain has never stopped neither for one second to fall down...!
But, still, Amsterdam is really lovely...full of canals...similar to Venice...but more active without doubt! I've loved it!!

lunedì 26 febbraio 2007

...and here we have the english translation...!

Guys, a promise is a promise... I have many failings, but when I swear something I always do my best to carry it out! we have the english translation, made by Tiina Nunnally (honestly I don't know her...) of the quote from Smilla's sense of snow.

"Falling in love has been greatly ovverated. Falling in love consists of fortyfive percent fear of not being accepted and fortyfive percent manic home that this time the fear will be put to shame, and a modest ten percent frail awareness of the possibility of love.
I don't fall in love anymore. Just like I don't get the mumps.
But of course anyone can be overpowered by love".

From "Smilla's sense of snow"

I'll copy here a quotation taken from the book by Peter Høeg "Smilla's sense of snow" (That's the original title in Danish: "Frøken Smillas fornemmelse for sne").
This is the book I'm reading at the moment (not in danish of course even if I'm in Denmark,eh...)
Unfortuantely the quote is in italian, but I swear, I swear, I swear u all (right...never trust an italian girl...!) that I'll go to the library and I'll take the english version, so I'll update as soon as possible also the english translation.
For the moment, enjoy it, my italian friends...

"L'innamoramento è fortemente sopravvalutato. L'innamoramento consiste in un quarantacinque per cento di paura di non essere accettati, di un altro quarantacinque di speranza che questa volta la paura venga delusa, e di un modesto dieci per cento di fragile consapevolezza delle possibilità dell'amore.
Non mi innamorerò più. Come non posso più prendermi gli orecchioni.
Ma naturalmente chiunque può essere aggredito dall'amore."

(Chap.VII, 2nd part)

Well, it's not so distant from the reality...

Curious images...

Material I found on:

domenica 25 febbraio 2007

The Curch of the Subgenius...

Well...have you ever heard bout the Curch of the Subgenius?! Of course not I's not that popular I guess...

The Church of the Subgenius is a kind of community, or sect I should say, where you can manage to save your soul from some kind od eternal condamnation, just thanks to some small donation. Of course you will also have the chance to became Minister thanx to the brandnew book sold now called: "Legally Ordained Ministers Kit". This is not fake guys, remember: "The SubGenius material has only recently been made public. This is YOUR chance to get in on the ground floor of a huge, lucrative cult -- NOW, while rates are low. You will then be eligible for all the $$$, weird sex, and SHEER POWER OVER OTHERS that go with high-ranking membership in the Church".
Actually this is something I discovered doing the researches for my thesis... mhhh... it's not that credible, right?!

Copenhagen Art Fair

Finally I managed to have internet again...and I have the control of my life again! ( sounds weird actually...)
I'll quickly add the last happenings where I've taken part here in the snowing Copenhagen...

This is from last week: The Copenhagen Art Fair. A huge collection with both young and established artists from all over the country - plus fem Swedish artists who make their across Øresund to show their work. It was set up in the Radisson SAS Falconer Hotel in Frederiksberg...such a posh place...but nice.

domenica 18 febbraio 2007

Lacking of time...

Hi my friends...
I'm so sorry... I didn't upload anything so far...
It's that at the moment I don't have an internet connection at home, so it's starting to be a problem.
Wow...this should make us reflect on how much we are addicted by internet nowadays... damn'!
Before I used to check internet just for my e-mails... now I can't study, I can't organizing my life without it... so bad...!
Well, mind sometines floats.

Right guys, I hope I'll find a bit of time to upload something soon.

See u!

lunedì 5 febbraio 2007

The corrupted silence...

Have you ever thought about all people who have been obliged to shut up because of political deals? Have you ever thought how hard must be when someone that you love disapper without leaving any trace? While you know why and who made all this, but you can't talk because who committed it is someone more powerfull and more important than you...perhaps even someone who should guarantee the tranquillity inside the State...
Have you ever thought how difficult must be keep the silence when you would like to scream?!
I guess you know what happened in Argentina between 1976 and 1983 (a few more than 20 years ago...)
The theater play I went to see few hours ago at the Limonaia Theatre at Sesto Fiorentino, (sorry for the very unprofessional and free transaltion...but I can't translatethe name of the would sound too ridiculous...!) deal about that: Los Desaparecidos.
It was a play taken from the movie "Garage Olimpo" by Marco Bechis, a wonderful - but tough film - that I really suggest you all to see.
Of course the play was well-made, so it was easy to follow the facts even without knowing anything about los desaparecidos and without having watched the movie before.
Politics crimes are unfortunately always unsolved, since people have fear about talking...Have you ever thought why the word used all over the world to express this behaviour is an italian world: omertà. That's not something to be proud about... also if we think that the majority of corrupted people who governed Argentina in that period came from the Italian mafia.
If you want to learn more about this topic you can contact "La asociaciòn madres de Plaza de Mayo":
It's an Argentinian association, but they are present also in the Italian territory, since many of them have italian origins... you will talk with some nice old-women who will be very proud to show you their history... confident about the fact that talking about problems is always the best way to make the solution come closer and closer...

venerdì 2 febbraio 2007

It's a's simply a shame that the first pages of all our national newspapers are filled in by this story as if they were a kind of tabloids!! It's not possible that all over the world we have to be recognized for this kind of bullshits... "Wow...let see what the funny man has done this time" - that's almost the most frequent sentence that people say looking at the italian news...
I advice to Mr.Berlusconi, that, before apologizing with her wife (nothing against that of course...) he should apologize with some millions of italians to have destroyed our economy and our credibility all over the world...

giovedì 1 febbraio 2007

Becuase we don't have to forget to travel...we don't have to forget to dream...

but like usual, I have a lot of nice ideas to upload my blog...but then, the God Time has never been a good allied for me... This means that's very late in the night, and today I hadn't such a easy day...
I promise I'll upload much more tomorrow. (Yes, sure...tomorrow, always tomorrow Martina!) - Oh no, that was my conscious...!!
Anyway, I'm really tired... I just want to copy here some lines of one of my favourite poems: Le Voyage by Baudelaire.
Because...even if during the most harsh moments, don't have to forget to travel, at least with your mind. Never!

Pour l'enfant, amoureux de cartes et d'estampes,
l'univers est égal à son vaste appétit.
Ah! Que le monde est hrand à la clarté des lampes!
Aux yeux du souvenirs que le monde est petit!
Mais les vrais voyageurs sont ceux-là seuls qui partent
pour partir; coeurs légers, semblables aux ballons,
de leur fatalité jamais ils ne s'écartent,
Et, sans savoir pourquoi, disent toujours: Allons!
O le pauvre amoureux des pays chimériques!
Faut-il le mettre aux fers, le jeter à la mer,
ce matelot ivrogne, inventeur d'Amérique
dont le mirage rend le gouffre plus amer?
Faut-il partir partir? rester? Si tu peux rester, reste;
pars, s'il le faut. L'un court, et l'autre se tapit
pour tromper l'ennemi vigilant et funeste,
le Temps! Il est, hélas! des coureurs sans répit.

lunedì 22 gennaio 2007

That's a sticker I found on
Of course you can print it and wear it, or maybe attach it on the window of your car, why not?!
I feel really disilluded about many things...
What do you think, readers?!


Hi readers,
sorry I didn't uploaded many things in the past days, but I'm preparing one exam, so I'm a kind of busy...or lazy I should better say...! :)
But, just to inform you that today in Copenhagen it's snowing!! So cool, everything is white and I really feel like a kid!
I'm going to do a snow-battle with some friends in a couple of minutes!! :)

So, see you soon!

domenica 14 gennaio 2007

The era of the prediction...

Reading and reading for my next exam I was really impressed by an essay by Paul Virilio. I just wrote some quotes here. Well, at first sight maybe they're obvious, but just think that he wrote the book "The lost dimension" in 1983...

"The third window is a recent invention: the television screen, a removable and portable window that open onto the fals day of the speed of light emissions. The television screen is an introverted window, one which no longer opens onto adjoining space but instead faces beyound the perceptible horizon. (...) This view of telematic and megapolitan management seems to have found a supporter, recently, in the person of Jacques Cousteau. According to Cousteau, in the year 2000 Paris will have to be a federation of villages in which communication will occour through video rather than physical transport of people."

...And it was only a theory of more than 20 years ago...

giovedì 11 gennaio 2007

Reclaim the Streets

So,that's another very very important name if you are interested in freedom and in reclaiming human rights. And, even if you are not interested in...nevermind! I'm a very democratic person, so I decided that you have to know it!
I'm talking about RTS - Reclaim The Streets. RTS is a group of activist originally formed in London in 1991. They started to rise their voice around the down of the anti-roads movements.
RTS is an active group still living, even if, during his history thay have had their moments of down...
Theit peculiarity deals with the way how the take action. I'm sure that you immediately associated their name with some brutal immage you remember from some past TVnews (as, unfortunately, it was the Geneva G8 in Italy for example).
Their kind of uprising always take place in such spontaneous and funny way, as a matter of fact, the RTS' members used to use the name of "Street parties". Yes...that's the right term, since what they used to do was invading the streets that they decided to free from cars and from pollution, and organising big parties instead...planting there trees, and sorting out installations and barricades with jugglers. Don't you think that's great?!
Of course here I've really, really, really, semplified the story...
First because it's late (eh eh...), even if I don't know my blog indicates always a different time of posted news...but...nevermind.
Second, because I only want to intill you a little bit of curiousity, so I'm sure that you are going to have a look at the website...spending hours and hours admiring their stories and their pictures...
That's the main link:

They also created a manifesto that you can find inside the web-site, it's called "HOW TO SORT-OUT A STREET PARTY"!

And, if you really wants to know something about them, but also having more information aregarding some realted topics, you can find some quotes in the Naomi Klein's book: No Logo.

Here it is...

A book that I really advice you to read if haven't done it yet.

mercoledì 10 gennaio 2007

C'mon...let's re-appropriate of our space!

Another reason why I'm here in Denmark is to write my thesis...
And what my thesis will talk about?!
About re-appropriation of space! What?! What a fuck are you saying Martina,c'mon?!
Yes, I know...unusual topic...and hard to find litterature about, at least in Italy. That's why I chised to find part of the matherial I need here in Denmark.
Actually, it' not true that there's no matherial on cultural resistance, that's just what the main media want to let you believe. Cultural resistance is one of the most powerfull way to be listened from the's a secondary way, that's true...but the important is to pursue and to obtain the goal, right?!

The link I attached here belong to a group of German media-activist: LIGNA.
They made wonderful works related with the right that people have to re-take their own space.
They work against privatisation of public spaces, since they believe that the ground where people walk has to belong to people, not to big Companies or private owners.

Just scroll down the page and click on the videos, the most known are: Radio Ballet, I Am(not)sterdam, and Permanent Breakfast.

Enjoy and think about that!

Italian soap operas...

Hi everybody!
Thanks to my friend Edoardo I discovered this amazing jewel of italian trash TV.
If you all, like me, are crazy about trash TV you can't miss it!
It's a soap opera from Piemonte, commented by Gialappa's band! (I can't add have to watch it!)

Right...sorry it's in italian of course... Trash is trash...

martedì 9 gennaio 2007

I guess I must introduce myself...

Hi guys,
it's me: Martina.
As I wrote I'm italian but I'm writing in english here, just because I decide to create this blog during my erasmus, as an axcuse to keep all my friends allover the world informed in what I'm doing...
I'm a night person: I love reading and working during the night.
But I enjoy the early morning...
So it means that's late now, and I have to force myself to go to sleep...damn'! But I still have time to sum up a presentation of me that I wrote some months ago...I hope you'll find it interesting.

"Yes red.
Red like my favourite flower.
No, c''s not the red rose. How banal do you think I am?!
It's the poppy (but the sunflower too...).
Yes, like the poppy.
Red like the small shining lights that you have to follow with your bike during the dark nights in Copenhagen.
Red like the giant thermomether in Radhusplads, or like the Carlsberg advertise.
Red like the traffic lights,
red like the danger, like the limits, wich, in this world, are really the best things to try.
Red like the lipstick I'll wear when I'll be 30.
Red like the cover of my favourite book: "Les fleurs du mal" de Baudelaire.
Red like the blood, that's so nice to lick sometimes.
Red like the wounds, like the deep wounds, which sometimes terribly hurt.
Red like fear,
read like an obsession,
red like the devil (no one knows its identity...but someone guessed it was me...)
Red like the lights I see closing my eyes,
red like the jackets of the baby in Shindler's list,
red like something, or everything, which is inside.
Red like the S-tog of Copenhagen, or like the Metro-line.
Red like the phone-boxes in London - the place where I have already lived and where I whish to come back as soon as possible to spend all my life.
Red like a screem, or, better, red like the depth of a trouth who is screaming.
Red like a tong,
red like the strawberry jam, which is lovely,
red like a nipple,
red like my hair when I was 17,
red like the furthest of my thoughs or my dreams,
red like a flag, a flag of a Country,
red like politic (I won't express myself...).
Red, just red, simply red...
What the hell is red?
It's just a colour.
Are you sure?
Red like when I get terribly angry,
red like my mind who is going to explode,
red like a shame,
red like my shame,
red like waiting for something while you're watching the best sunset through the orizhon, so it means that, hopefully, tomorrow, there will be the sun."