lunedì 22 gennaio 2007

That's a sticker I found on
Of course you can print it and wear it, or maybe attach it on the window of your car, why not?!
I feel really disilluded about many things...
What do you think, readers?!


Hi readers,
sorry I didn't uploaded many things in the past days, but I'm preparing one exam, so I'm a kind of busy...or lazy I should better say...! :)
But, just to inform you that today in Copenhagen it's snowing!! So cool, everything is white and I really feel like a kid!
I'm going to do a snow-battle with some friends in a couple of minutes!! :)

So, see you soon!

domenica 14 gennaio 2007

The era of the prediction...

Reading and reading for my next exam I was really impressed by an essay by Paul Virilio. I just wrote some quotes here. Well, at first sight maybe they're obvious, but just think that he wrote the book "The lost dimension" in 1983...

"The third window is a recent invention: the television screen, a removable and portable window that open onto the fals day of the speed of light emissions. The television screen is an introverted window, one which no longer opens onto adjoining space but instead faces beyound the perceptible horizon. (...) This view of telematic and megapolitan management seems to have found a supporter, recently, in the person of Jacques Cousteau. According to Cousteau, in the year 2000 Paris will have to be a federation of villages in which communication will occour through video rather than physical transport of people."

...And it was only a theory of more than 20 years ago...

giovedì 11 gennaio 2007

Reclaim the Streets

So,that's another very very important name if you are interested in freedom and in reclaiming human rights. And, even if you are not interested in...nevermind! I'm a very democratic person, so I decided that you have to know it!
I'm talking about RTS - Reclaim The Streets. RTS is a group of activist originally formed in London in 1991. They started to rise their voice around the down of the anti-roads movements.
RTS is an active group still living, even if, during his history thay have had their moments of down...
Theit peculiarity deals with the way how the take action. I'm sure that you immediately associated their name with some brutal immage you remember from some past TVnews (as, unfortunately, it was the Geneva G8 in Italy for example).
Their kind of uprising always take place in such spontaneous and funny way, as a matter of fact, the RTS' members used to use the name of "Street parties". Yes...that's the right term, since what they used to do was invading the streets that they decided to free from cars and from pollution, and organising big parties instead...planting there trees, and sorting out installations and barricades with jugglers. Don't you think that's great?!
Of course here I've really, really, really, semplified the story...
First because it's late (eh eh...), even if I don't know my blog indicates always a different time of posted news...but...nevermind.
Second, because I only want to intill you a little bit of curiousity, so I'm sure that you are going to have a look at the website...spending hours and hours admiring their stories and their pictures...
That's the main link:

They also created a manifesto that you can find inside the web-site, it's called "HOW TO SORT-OUT A STREET PARTY"!

And, if you really wants to know something about them, but also having more information aregarding some realted topics, you can find some quotes in the Naomi Klein's book: No Logo.

Here it is...

A book that I really advice you to read if haven't done it yet.

mercoledì 10 gennaio 2007

C'mon...let's re-appropriate of our space!

Another reason why I'm here in Denmark is to write my thesis...
And what my thesis will talk about?!
About re-appropriation of space! What?! What a fuck are you saying Martina,c'mon?!
Yes, I know...unusual topic...and hard to find litterature about, at least in Italy. That's why I chised to find part of the matherial I need here in Denmark.
Actually, it' not true that there's no matherial on cultural resistance, that's just what the main media want to let you believe. Cultural resistance is one of the most powerfull way to be listened from the's a secondary way, that's true...but the important is to pursue and to obtain the goal, right?!

The link I attached here belong to a group of German media-activist: LIGNA.
They made wonderful works related with the right that people have to re-take their own space.
They work against privatisation of public spaces, since they believe that the ground where people walk has to belong to people, not to big Companies or private owners.

Just scroll down the page and click on the videos, the most known are: Radio Ballet, I Am(not)sterdam, and Permanent Breakfast.

Enjoy and think about that!

Italian soap operas...

Hi everybody!
Thanks to my friend Edoardo I discovered this amazing jewel of italian trash TV.
If you all, like me, are crazy about trash TV you can't miss it!
It's a soap opera from Piemonte, commented by Gialappa's band! (I can't add have to watch it!)

Right...sorry it's in italian of course... Trash is trash...

martedì 9 gennaio 2007

I guess I must introduce myself...

Hi guys,
it's me: Martina.
As I wrote I'm italian but I'm writing in english here, just because I decide to create this blog during my erasmus, as an axcuse to keep all my friends allover the world informed in what I'm doing...
I'm a night person: I love reading and working during the night.
But I enjoy the early morning...
So it means that's late now, and I have to force myself to go to sleep...damn'! But I still have time to sum up a presentation of me that I wrote some months ago...I hope you'll find it interesting.

"Yes red.
Red like my favourite flower.
No, c''s not the red rose. How banal do you think I am?!
It's the poppy (but the sunflower too...).
Yes, like the poppy.
Red like the small shining lights that you have to follow with your bike during the dark nights in Copenhagen.
Red like the giant thermomether in Radhusplads, or like the Carlsberg advertise.
Red like the traffic lights,
red like the danger, like the limits, wich, in this world, are really the best things to try.
Red like the lipstick I'll wear when I'll be 30.
Red like the cover of my favourite book: "Les fleurs du mal" de Baudelaire.
Red like the blood, that's so nice to lick sometimes.
Red like the wounds, like the deep wounds, which sometimes terribly hurt.
Red like fear,
read like an obsession,
red like the devil (no one knows its identity...but someone guessed it was me...)
Red like the lights I see closing my eyes,
red like the jackets of the baby in Shindler's list,
red like something, or everything, which is inside.
Red like the S-tog of Copenhagen, or like the Metro-line.
Red like the phone-boxes in London - the place where I have already lived and where I whish to come back as soon as possible to spend all my life.
Red like a screem, or, better, red like the depth of a trouth who is screaming.
Red like a tong,
red like the strawberry jam, which is lovely,
red like a nipple,
red like my hair when I was 17,
red like the furthest of my thoughs or my dreams,
red like a flag, a flag of a Country,
red like politic (I won't express myself...).
Red, just red, simply red...
What the hell is red?
It's just a colour.
Are you sure?
Red like when I get terribly angry,
red like my mind who is going to explode,
red like a shame,
red like my shame,
red like waiting for something while you're watching the best sunset through the orizhon, so it means that, hopefully, tomorrow, there will be the sun."