mercoledì 20 febbraio 2008

So prevedible...

Hi guys,
sorry... I know that's such a long time I don't write anything here...
Unfortunately, my life in the last period, has been really cahotic, and, while I'm trying to sort out something concrete...everything seems to be always more floating and flebile...

I just would like to inform you about the last accident which happened to me, trying to organize the screening of a very well-done movie concerning the Palestinese cause: "Jenin Jenin" by Mohammed Bakri.
This movie is very particular, since the director, which is Israelian, has been judged, out of the blue of course, by the israelian Government, because this film hass been defined un-real from the israelian point of view. The consequence is that, now, Bakri can't work anylonger and it risks the jail.
I saw the film once at "La cité" of Florence, and...honestly... I can only say a fact, a real historical fact. That's their problem, fuck!
Of cours they want to hide the truth, by avoding the puclic views of the document, and that's what happened laso to me and to my friends, while trying to arganizing this public screening.
The Internation center, which invited us, at the last momen, canceled the event, saying that they had a "diplomatic" problem with tha Israelian part, who denied to come to the debate because they declare that the Israelian part wasn't enough rapresentative of the political situation.
Fuck 'em all!!

So...that's the result guys! The screening has been canceled, and, until we'll have "new orders" it won't be possible to show the doucmentary! That0s crazy, people! C'est fou!!

How the hell should they get to an armistice, if it's impossible even organzing a public screening of a movie?!!!

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