lunedì 19 marzo 2007

Ever heard about a cultur-jamming advertising Company?!

Here you go: BLF - Billboard Liberation Front!
It's an advertising company which, for the first time, is dedicated to advertise the real part of the products, being one of the originators of culture jamming, by clearly reclaiming public space.
BLF is not an utopian Agency - they're really active in many places in the States, expecially in San Francisco area.
One of their last campaign has been created against Mc Donald's during the celebration for the 50 years...
Or another one has been called "Bus stop Art installation".
This is not a way of doing counter-culture only by protesting and opposing the ideas of the Multi-Nationals... that's a real alternative medium to advertize the product simply beeing honests.
You can anyway find more material here:

They also sorted out the BLF Manifesto. It's really interesting...please, have a'll find it anyway in their website.

Eh,'s very strange I think that's me, posting a picture like the one on the top, since I study and I work in the field of Media Communication...
But it's common not to be satisfied of what we do and of what we are... ;)

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