venerdì 9 marzo 2007

Holland rule!!

Sorry for my absence guys (well,,I think that nobody ceared, but it's always nice to write...)but I was travelling in Holland the last 5 days.
Holland, what a nice country... much more easy-going and easy to live than Denmark, for sure.
I hadn't time to visit every city indeep, but I visited DenHaag, amsterdam Rotterdam and Utrecht. Not bad to be the first time, isn't it?!
What has really astonished me was the vitality of people, and the funny mess in the streets... something that you wouldn't wait from a north European Country.
The weather has also been quite kind with us (ah, right...I was travelling with my cousin Riccardo), except for the day when we went in Amstrdam...where the rain has never stopped neither for one second to fall down...!
But, still, Amsterdam is really lovely...full of canals...similar to Venice...but more active without doubt! I've loved it!!

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