martedì 29 maggio 2007

S.O.S. - Freedom of speach...

This morning, looking throught internet, and trying to find my own point of view about an explotion of bullshits I found surfing on it... my attention was catched by this poltical event: the decision of the political leader of Venezuela Hugo Chavez, to close the TV channel Rctv, because it was considered "too against the government".
I'm not giving my point of view about the ethic of the channel... I've never seen any program broadcasted by Rctv, so I can't have an objective point of view. But I can condamn this choice because the freedom of speach should be the first right of evrybody. But unfortunately it's not! It's not respected at all! Everyone has the right to access as much information as possible. I know, it's not easy broadcasting a real objective information, without expressing a point of view...but it's a right and a duty of the audience to take their own decision about the morality of the information received. People have to decide wich information they want to consider "right" and wich to consider"wrong", and in order to do this they have to choice between different items, different voices, fifferent opinions. It's the same difference existing between a posh supermarket and a discount supermarket: in the first case you walk through loads of shelves, takinf time in order to decide what you really want to eat for dinner... perhaps you want something ealthy and good... but you can also deide to have a fuckin' junky burger just because you need to vent the frustration of a work day against the food...
Instead, if you go in a discount store, you know which brand of coffee, or biscuits, or whatever you'll find there...but you don't exitate... you just go there because you have no time to look need something quickly, not necessariy very good-tasting, but easy to find and to bring have time to think about. (Sorry...I guess only now that this can sound like abullshit! But please, try to understand me... it's 2 in the night, and yesterday I only slept 3 hours because I was in Livorno to see a tribute concert to Jeff Buckley. I think I'm justified for today! :-P )
Stopping a voice is the easiest, but the worst, choice that every single person or every Governmet (even worst!)can take.

If you don't know much about it (and if you can read italian, of course...) have a look at this link:

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