giovedì 3 maggio 2007

We love complaining!!

Hi guys, I'm so sorry I didn't post anything since weeks...
The point is that I'm back in Italy now (yes...sad, but true!), and my life radically more erasmus parties, but a lot of deadlines to follow, formalities to respect, etc, etc... C'est la vie!

I'd like to make a comment about a fact that's catching media's attention since a couple of days. It happened during the big concert in Rome for the 1st of May... when the guy who was encharged to conduce the concert had the not so brilliant idea to make a joke about our lovely-Pope... Well,,I've to admit that the comment he made wasn't so brilliant... but the thing who astonished me is the publicity that now he's having due to that fact! From this point of view I can only make my compliments to Andrea Rivera for his smartness.
The most riciculous part of the whole story is the great great attention that the italian media are addressing to the event and to the guy itself.
The point is that basically we love to complain about everything... AND WE ARE ALWAYS MORE RIDICOLOUS! That's nice.........

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motorcitybob ha detto...

Rivera just offered a simplified (but not less true) version of the truth. No intelligent human being can deny it. What's ridiculous is labeling what he said as "terrorism". I believe there's a struggle of sorts, going on. Murky and grotesque as always, here, but a struggle it is!