giovedì 23 agosto 2007

The Danish sky...

Sorry... only personal thoughts while I'm still waking up...opening my eyes, making my cooffee, brushing my theet, punching my face...
First feeling of danish sky, comlpitely white and statics.
Only the soft noise of the rain, and the noise of the few cars running on a saocked road.
The smell and the noise of this sky is something of terrificly melancholic... not sad, but melancholic.
Reminds of the sundaies mornings when I was ten: I wake up and go ling down on the sofa, watching cartoons.
I would like going in the big bed of my parents watching TV: it's like an old souvenir.
I feel link it's winter. I wear my dressing-gown to go to the kitchen and make my goodmorning-cooffe. I watch over the windown and the danish sky is still following me. .. "Isn't it tired to do that?!" - I think.
I would like drinking hot milk and eating bread with honey... damn'...too winter feelings... It's a fight: I take some grapes and some cold milk followed by an espresso. Winter is not already enter in my kitchen this morning, please.
The danish sky, danish toughts, danish atmosphere... this morning is like that...

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