giovedì 28 agosto 2008

Let's bet!!

So... since I'm feeling a little restless and anxious in this period...I think there will be 3 things, that, according on their order, could make me feel better...

The things are: Richard Gere, Cheesecake (better if it's made by Sesto Pub!!!) and a Caraibean island!

Guess the right order!!

What would really change my mood?!

1) Eating a cheescake, in a Caraibean Island, with Richard Gere
2) Eating Richard Gere, on a cheesecake island floating in the Caraibean sea
3) Eating a Caraibean palm tree, on the top of Richard Gere, with a cheesecake slice in my pocket

Ehmmmm... sorry... just trying to remove my mind from the evils of the world......................

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