venerdì 30 novembre 2007

Remembering my last trip...

Hello everybody!
Boring day, guys... I spent all my day filling questionaires and CV... pffff... questions and question and questions about me, my interests, my ambitions... But what the hell you want from meeeeee?!!!
I decided to take a short brake just adding some pics of my last trip in MADRID! I went there last week, after 3 day of my thesis discussion, with my friend Irene, to party for the ends of my studies!!! Yuhhhù!
Actually... I really over-valuated Spain...I wasn't expecting beeing such a developped and active country!
Fuck...we (we=Italy) are really the WORST WORST European Country!!! Nooooo...also our blod-twin spanish went over us!! Gosh...
Well...I alway tought the italian people are regressing always more... but not so quickly...! There's really no chance for a young person (e.g. ME!!!!) to have a future in Italy. Not at all... there's not a good policy for young people, not helps for students, any increase for the culture or the research...
So sad...

By the way... that's the way it is. For the moment I'll keep on moving all around the world untill when I'll find a good reason for stopping somewhere. Just to inform you: for the moment I haven't found one yet! So...I'm a kind of work in progress-girl! :) Sound nice, doesn't it?!!!

About my trip in Madrid...well...what can I say?! That it was really what I needed after such a big period of stress due to my thesis and my private stuff...
Me and my friend have been host by a very nice spanish guy through the website Hospitaliy Club Paco, who was living with a also very friendly danish guy and an indian-english girl. Ah...right...and a lovely cat: Walter!
We really enjoyed our time there (the spanish movida!!!), and... I really took the enrgy I needed! ;)
Hope all the best for everybody there!
Those are some pics of the party where we have been invited! THANX GUYS! Without knowing anybody we spoke with almost all the people who were there!

And...about the city...well, of course wonderfull! We were lucky we found a good weather. Well...quite cold, but sunny.
We missed the Prado museum!! :( God damn'... But it was out mistake in reading the opening time in the guide. But, to "redeem" our culture, we went to Reina Sofia to see the Guernica! Such a cool museum!

Walking and walking around the quartiers...we finally decided that the "Malasana" was the part we enjoyed the most! It's a kind of the "alternite part" I guess...but the old and narrow street are relly enjoyable to discover.

Right, guys... sorry, I've to keep in updating my CV...or I'll stay without a job forever and ever.

Hope in the future I'll have more time to write, 'coz since when I've been back home i really hadn't time to breath!

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