mercoledì 28 novembre 2007

So... I got the B.A. Degree!!

Yes, that's true (once in life I'm serious), I finally got my B.A. degree the 20th of November, becoming a serious person, with the title of Doctor in Science of Communication. So, first tip, starting from now, pleae, do speak with me in a polite way; then, tip n°2, never contradict me; and, just to finish, respect me and never speak after me, I've the last word now,OK?!
My gosh... it's incredible how many BULLSHITS I can think in few seconds...!! :)
The only certain thing is that now I've a hole year in front of me that I want and I need t use as much as I can, before continuing my education... No one knows what's going to be...

N.B. a s you had notice, in the pictures it's me immediately after the discussion (Covered of flowers), and then, just half an hour later, already drunk in order to party for the event!! :) in progress...

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