giovedì 13 dicembre 2007


Hi fox!
I'm so sorry, but I've never been so busy as this time!
Actually, it happened so many things , but I really really really hadn't time to write anything.

I think I never talked about the volunteer camp where I'll take aprt from the 20th of December, right?! Mmmmm... well...opsss...

By the way, I've to rush now, so, I'll quickly add the links necessary for you to understand at least a little bit something more about that.
I'm encharged of the press release...that's really exciting, but also very stressing...and expecially in this period, when I'm plnty of interviews and stuff like that, it's really a big effort for me...

Anyway...I also posted the links as permanent on the right coloumn, so you'll beOBLIGED to follow me and my happenings when I'll be there, as to say, in less than one week...
Oh, gosh!!

that's the blog we'll update from there: Volontari Sci Libano

and that's an address where will be on-line from the 13th to the 14th of this month, in order to present the project... Stay tuned!!

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