mercoledì 26 dicembre 2007

One feet in Lebanon!

Ok...this evening internet seems to be nice with I'll try to write something more.

I let you narrating how we finally managed to crodd the border between Syrian and Lebanon. It took almost one hour to complete all the burocracy stuff...and, I understood thta in arabian countires, the important is paying! When you pay some extras, you'll be able to go everywhere.
When we arrived on the other side, we have been involved in a "tripping trip" with the Coran prayer as a soundtrack. We kept on driving for more than 1 hour and a half, without saying a single word. When we reached the meeting point we met Jack which came to pick us up and bring us to the hostel (relious staff again...arggg, double argggg!) where the others were waiting for us.
The dream was reality now: we were in Lebanon, in Beirut. And everything was looking so fantastic, everything was shining, like in Istanbuyl. It was almost impossible believing that such a modern and bright city was the cenario of a evil war.

After a few we met Ilaria, Alessia, Ali (a Lebanese friend which at the moment is hre with us in the camp) and Marinello in that place, and we decided to go eating something outside. We found a kind of left-wing pseudo-artistic club, where we drunk like animals and we eat in a wonderful way. After the whilw the atmosphere started to became "interesting" and we started dancing like crazy...arabian music of course! :) It's there where me and Elisa signed a pact with ourselves: we decided that we had to learn how to be real females emulating the arabians!! What a style...what a sensivitness! Really great!
In that place I also met the most beautiful guy I've ever seen! Believe me! I never seen such a deep and light blue eyes. Wow! Well...I think that who told me that Lebaneses are the typical arabian beauty for excellence...saied right! :P

Well...we came back "home" stisfied and happy to be have started this adventure with the best mood ever!

See u soon with the continue...


P.S. Blogsppt doesn't allow me anymote to upload photos...fuckkkk! It's frustrating, since my role here is "photoreporter"... I would like to share with u all my shots...but I can't. :( I hope they'll fix this problem soon...

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