giovedì 27 dicembre 2007

An unusual Christmas day

Since here I can't update you with my news as much as I would like, I decided to write down only the events who has been more important for me till now, during this period.

For sure, I can really say to have had one of the more unusual Christmas day of my life. For the day of the 25th I was working wit hthe kids of Burji-Al-Shamali, which a muslim village and so they don't celebrate Christmas of course.
We had a view of the whole village, which really impressed me, since, till that moment, we hadn't any chance to get out of "home"...
It has been really marvelous, since we could be part of the everyday life of those people, entering (not so easily of course...) in their homes, and shooting the women who were keeping in hiding their beautiful faces.

It was so cute when one of the girl dressed up herseld like Santa Clause to wish us a Merry Christmas! So cute!! :)



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miriam ha detto...

io qui ti penso sempre, e ti seguo. un bacio grande grande. "statt' accuort'"!