domenica 23 dicembre 2007

trip in progress...

Hi guys, here we go with the second part of my trip...
I let you that I was entered in Damascus, where I met Elisa and we spent the whole night, and finally, after almost 24 hours...sleeping like a baby!
The day after we want for a walk in the old city and in the street market. It was so lively, and so coloured! First thing we decided to do was starting getting closer and closer with the syrian cultureeating their tasty food! The first thing we try, really risking our stomaches, was a fruit juice (I've no idea which kind it was...but it was delicious!) and a banana milk shake! Slurp!!!
We continued with 2 biiiiig croissants filled with cheese and chocolate! Nothing to do with our croissants, of course! :)
We were feeling really observed from the people walking along the market, honestly...I guess it was because we were looking really like the perfect f****** tourists. I hope that we will be able to mix with local people in a few, to really feel at ease. The first step to understand a culture, in my opinion, is starting to think and to live like them. Even if...arabian women are really gorgeous! Even if they can't show their body, they know how to look like real females!
I still have no a clear idea abou the beauty of the arabian men...but somebody told me that LEbanese men are the most beautiful arabians in the world. So...I'm looking for! :)

Well...let's go on...
After this short trip around Damascus, we came back home and we collected our stuff ino rder to gewt to the airport and meet Saverio and Vito.
The meeting at the airport was really!! Now we were really all!! The project was going to start.
We bargain a lot to have a discount to get from there to Beirut, where the rest of the crew was waiting for us. We didn't like to idea to be treated as "normal turists" and paying such a high price... After a long long bargain, we had a discount, but not as much as we hoped. Nevermind... The darkness was coming and we really needed to reach Beirut.
We took the first taxi, in very funny conditions... but, after a while the driver told us that we should go to another car 'coz he had no permitions to pass the border. WHAT?!!!! WHAT THE F****...?! But, problem! Everything it's possible.. no problem (mufi musckida!) we just jump in the car of a friend of him along the highway! :)
After a long trip we got the border, and... thta's another story... :)
I'll go on with my trip in the next page... (if the electricity will be nice with me, of course!)


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