martedì 29 luglio 2008

...Couchsurfing life-style!

When travelling is not simply a way to visit a place as a stranger, and when museums is not the only thing yo want to see...
Please, do have a look at the following article about Couchsurfing: a world-wide no profit project, who was born with the idea of enlarge word connections and exchange ideas and thoughts between people all over the world!
It's almost 4 years I'm part of it, so, I guess you've read me several time, talking about crashing into people's chouches...but, since I've the bad lack of taking many things for granted...perhaps I've never seriously explained about it...
This article is in italian, 'coz it has been publish from a local newspaper, but you can first have a look at it and then, if you really don't understand anything at all...just surfing the Net and try to grab more info! :)

Have fun!!

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