martedì 29 luglio 2008

Festival time!!

Hi fox!
How are u doing?
Actually, last period has been quite exciting! I big changes in my life, of course, but, from the end of June and the end of July, Florence and its neighbourhood make an incredible change, becoming much more alive than usual!

Since I keep on being always busy and out of every kind of normal conception of space and time, I forgot to update you of all the last things I've done... like the AMAZING Sigur Rós concert! - Kind of alternative band from Iceland which plays a sort of tripping/introspective music.

After that I went to Italia Wave in Livorno - an happy remake of the old and glorious Arezzo Wave. Really, it was cool!! Livorno is a very chilling out city, and it gave a warm welcome to the Festival.
The big concert of the evening was by CHEMICAL BROTHERS!! They really made an amazing performance, which lasted around 2 hours! Kind of exhausting, guys!
This evening has also been particulary enjoyable, because I went there with two CSers (Daniele and Susan) and we got on extrimely well! Actually - destroyed after the concert - we decided to crash in a pine - forest near the beach! The power of tireness!! :)

Afterall, the last event I took part in, has been the GoaBoa Festival in Genova, where Bluvertio and Manu Chao played! Another amazing moment I'd say! I was there with my friend Irene, and we were hosted by Marco, a CSer from Genova.
U know what... actually I've never been a big Manu Chao supporter, but...I've to admit that he has really been great for the concert! He palyed from 00:30 till 3:00...and, believe me, for a while I desired him to stop playing, since every sinle bone of my body was hurting!! But...anyhow I can say to have suffered several "war-wounds"! :)

Right guys, sorry... I know it's not the best post I could have written, but... I feel my head a little empty, and...perhaps it will be better if I'm going to rest a little bit...

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